Shared Workspace

by The Standard

Designed for the entrepreneur.

We create workspaces to fuel innovation and productivity. Our spaces are catered to entrepreneurs and business people looking for a collaborative and fresh working space.

Desired Move-In Date *
Desired Move-In Date

Every Workspace candidate is formally interviewed to ensure that you work in a safe environment with the brightest minds.



The best shared workspace pricing in the industry - hands down.

Our pricing is updated monthly based on market rates. We offer top-tier amenities in beautifully designed, boutique spaces.


Jump Seat

Dallas - $225/month
Fort Worth - $200/month

Dedicated Office

Dallas - Coming Soon
Fort Worth - $650/month


Design That Unleashes Your Potential

All of our spaces are designed to be fresh and inviting. We build spaces that drive creativity.

The feel of your workspace is crucial to your productivity. Our spaces are designed with you in mind.


Shared workspace in the Dallas office.



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All we need is some basic info and we’ll get in touch. Every candidate is interviewed to ensure the right fit for our organization.

Desired Move-In Date *
Desired Move-In Date